Best Refrigerator to buy this summer in India in 2021

Buying a refrigerator creates some question in your mind like:

      • Which is the best refrigerator to buy in 2021?

      • Which Refrigerator brand is best in India?

      • What capacity of the refrigerator should we buy?

In this article, I will help you to choose the best refrigerator available in India in 2021.  Here I will try to give you a different preceptive for buying the best refrigerator based on certain parameters.

I have mapped (listed) most of the refrigerator available on the Amazon platform which helps in segregating or filtering out the best possible refrigerator you can buy from Amazon.

Note: Below are a few pointers regarding the mapping of all the refrigerator from Amazon

      • I have listed only the refrigerated which was available on Amazon after Jan – 2020
      • There may be a situation that some of the information mentioned may get changed on the Amazon platform
      • I have listed only the refrigerator where the seller is Cloudtail.
      • Not all refrigerator is mapped, there may be a situation where I have missed mapping certain model
      • There may be a situation new product/model has been introduced after mapping
      • There may situation that certain mapped data is not correct

Before I go for suggestion, let me explain all the parameter based on which I have mapped the refrigerator, this will help you in the selection procedure

      • ASIN – This is a kind of code assigned to all the unique product listed on the Amazon platform
      • Brand – Company offering the fridge
      • Model – This is a unique code or model number given by a fridge company to its product
      • Capacity – This is a full capacity of a fridge, this is one of the crucial selection criteria. Higher the capacity – > higher is space; but it will consume high energy, also size will become big as we go for higher capacity.
      • Refrigerator Fresh Food Capacity – This is the space available for food or non-zero degree Celsius food item
      • Freezer Capacity – Space available for freezer
      • Annual Energy Consumption (KW) – This is the total energy consumed in a year as claimed by the company
      • Door Type: This indicates if the door is a single or double door. The single door fridge is small whereas double or multi-door is big in size as well as in terms of capacity
      • Refrigerator Defrost Type – Defrost type is generally available in
        • Direct Cool – Small or Single door fridge
        • Frost Free – Big or double door fridge
      • Special Features – This includes some of the special feature available in the fridge, which many times is good to have kind of feature but not very important criteria for selection of fridge
      • Item Weight – Overall weight of the fridge. These are not important criteria but will help in the selection of the best fridge
      • Item Dimensions LxWxH CM – Overall dimension of the fridge. This will help you understand if this size of fridge fits your kitchen or not
      • Date First Available – This indicates which is a new model or an old model
      • MRP – MRP mentioned for fridge
      • Sale Price – Sales Price, a price at which you are going to buy a fridge. This may change a bit but drastically
      • Energy Star Rating – Again an important criteria for selection. You should prefer a 4 or 5 rated fridge
      • Average Customer Rating – This is not valid if a product is recently launched, but an important parameter for decision making. Higher the number good is the product. Ideally, you should buy a product having a rating of 4 or above. But depending on the size of the fridge you may go for a 3 rating.
      • Number Customer Review – This is not valid if a product is recently launched, but an important parameter for decision making. And this is related to “Average Customer Rating”. Higher the customer review means that at least this much of the customer had bought the fridge. This also gives you an indication (higher number of review) that which product is popular or being bought by many of the customers
      • Number of Question answered – This is not valid if a product is recently launched, but an important parameter for decision making. These criteria will serve two important purposes first it will help you answer some of the questions and second it will give you an indication of how much popular this product is?
      • Seller – Its better (not strictly) that such kind of costly item should be bought from a known seller. Also, approximately 2-5% of the listed fridge on the amazon platform is sold by other sellers i.e. NOT by Cloudtail, at least based on my compiled data.

Click here  to download all the data in excel format.

So based on mapped data of the refrigerator from the Amazon platform below are my suggestion.

If you are interested in analyzing the data on your own then you may get the excel file here.

Which Brand you should target?

Whirlpool is the best refrigerator

Based on the collated and mapped data “Whirlpool” is one of the best refrigerator company you can target, you will get a variety of option under this brand.

This selection is based on two important factors:

      • A large number of ASIN, this means that there is a large variety of refrigerator is available
      • A high number of customer review. You can consider the customer rating as good if it is close to 4 or above
BrandNumber of
Average of
"Sale Price"
Average of
"Customer Rating"
Sum of
"Number Customer Review"

What should be the ideal capacity of your refrigerator?

This is completely dependents on your requirement, now by this, I mean to say that your selection may depend on your family size, your budget, and your available kitchen area. However, below is my perspective based on the collected data:

Capacity (L)Number of ASINAverage of "Annual Energy Consumption (KW)"Average of "Sale Price"Average of "Customer Rating"Sum of "Number Customer Review"
  • 100-199 Liters refrigerator is good based on below criteria

      • So if you are buying or leaving as

      • Your family size is not more than 2; however, you may also consider if your family size is around 4

      • Your budget is limited to around INR 15000

      • Bachelor life

then you may consider a refrigerator of capacity between 100-199 litres.

  • 200-299 Liters refrigerator:

      • If your family size is around 4

      • Your budget is also high i.e. in the range of INR 20000

then you may consider buying a refrigerator having a capacity of 200-299 litres

  • 300 Liters or above refrigerator:

      • If you are buying a refrigerator not only for your basic requirement but also as a luxury then you may prefer to buy a refrigerator with a capacity of 300 litres and more. At this capacity most of the refrigerator comes with double door or side-by-side door and accordingly the cost will be on the higher side and also the energy consumption will be much more than the refrigerator of the capacity of fewer than 299 litres

Overall which refrigerator should you consider buying?

Segment 1: Capacity 100-199; Single Door Type; Energy Rating 4 & 5

S.No Brand Capacity Buy Now
1 Godrej 190 L
2 Whirlpool 190 L


Segment 2: Capacity 200-299; Single Door Type: Energy Rating 4 & 5

S.No Brand Capacity Buy Now
1 Whirlpool 215 L
2 Whirlpool 200 L
3 LG 235 L


Segment 2a: Capacity 200-299; Double Door Type; Energy Rating 3

For capacity 200-299 litres and double door, all most all the company are offering refrigerator having energy rating 3 only. So based on my analysis below is the list of the best refrigerator you can buy in this segment:

S.No Brand Capacity Buy Now
1 Samsung 253 L
2 Whirlpool 265 L
3 LG 284 L
4 Godrej 290 L


Segment 3: Capacity: 300 Liters and above; Double Door Type; Energy Rating 3

S.No Brand Capacity Buy Now
1 LG 335 L
2 Whirlpool 355 L
3 Bosch 327 L
4 Panasonic 307 L



Segment 3a: Capacity 300 and Above: Side by Side Door Type: Energy Rating NA

This segment of the refrigerator comes at a huge cost i.e. around INR 100000. So if you are buying a refrigerator not only for basic requirement but also for luxury then only you should consider a refrigerator of this range.

There were only a few listing on the Amazon platform for side by side door based refrigerator which is the 2020 onward listing and sold by Cloudtail. Also, the listing doesn’t indicate an energy rating for this kind of refrigerator.

So based on my analysis below is the best refrigerator you buy in this segment:

S.No Brand Capacity Buy Now
1 LG 668 L
2 Samsung 657 L


Hope this will help you in selecting the best refrigerator for your home in 2021.

Disclaimer: All the above description is based on refrigerator data that I have collected from the Amazon platform and this suggestion is not based on any experience.

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